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Hallmarks of Felinity

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Conan O'Brien

Tuntini.. achei que irias apreciar esta fohoto tão sexy... :)

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O Morrisey adivinha coisas :))

Diana's Death Foretold in the Work of Morrissey

In 1986 - eleven years before the death of Princess Diana - Morrissey and The Smiths released the album

For the cover of this album whose title announces the death of a royal female, Morrissey chose a photo of a French man named Alain,(actor Alain Delon).
The first public announcement of Princess Diana's death was made by a French man named Alain,(Dr. Alain Pavie, head of the Cardiology department at Paris' Hospital de la Pitie Salpetriere).

Morrissey named THE QUEEN IS DEAD after a chapter title in the Hubert Selby novel LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN. BROOKLYN is the largest of the five boroughs that comprise the city of NEW YORK.
Diana's fatal car crash occurred in an underpass tunnel in which she was headed toward the EXIT TO THE AVENUE DE NEW YORK.

Morrissey started THE QUEEN IS DEAD with audio from the film THE L-SHAPED ROOM about a woman - played by actress Lesley Caron - who moved from France to England. Diana's body was moved from France to England. Lesley Caron was born on July 1st.
Diana was born on July 1st.

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