quarta-feira, março 23, 2005

"You're so vain", Carly Simon

Carly Simon

"You had me several years ago
When I was still quite naive
Well you said that we made such a pretty pair
And that you would never leave

But you gave away the things you loved
And one of them was me
I had some dreams
They were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee and....

You're so vain
You probably think this song is about you
You're so vain
I'll bet you think this song is about you
Don't you? Don't you?"

segunda-feira, março 21, 2005

... Bauhaus - Mask...

the man of shadows thinks in clay
dreamed trapped thoughts of suffocation day
he's seen in iron environments
with plastic sweat out of chiselled slits for eyes
from the growth underneath the closed mouth
you'll catch if you listen
rack trapped cubist vowels
from a dummy head expression
from a dummy head expression
the transformation is invested
with the mysterious and the shameful
while the thing i am becomes something else
part character part sensation
the shadow is cast

quarta-feira, março 16, 2005

The Ravaged Face

The Ravaged Face

Outlandish as a circus, the ravaged face
Parades the marketplace, lurid and stricken
By some unutterable chagrin,
Maudlin from leaky eye to swollen nose.
Two pinlegs stagger underneath the mass.
Grievously purpled, mouth skewered on a groan,
Past keeping to the house, past all discretion ---
Myself, myself! --- obscene, lugubrious.
Better the flat leer of the idiot,
The stone face of the man who dosen't feel,
The velvet dodges of the hypocrite :
Better, better, and more acceptable
To timorous children, to the lady on the street.
O Oedipus. O Christ. You use me ill.

Sylvia Plath