quarta-feira, dezembro 15, 2004

Adrian Mole

Adrian Mole

"At junction eighteen I ran out of Opal Fruits, so I pulled into the services and bought three packets. Are the
manufacturers putting something extra in them? Something addictive? I seem to be getting through rather a lot of them lately. The other night I woke at 3a.m. and was distraught to discover that there wasn't a single Opal Fruit in the flat. I tramped the streets of Soho looking for them. Within two minutes of leaving home I was offered lesbian sex, heroin and a Rolex watch, but an innocent packet of Opal Fruits took over half an hour to track down. What does it tell us about the world we live in?"


At 6:46 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo said...

o adriano mole e a caixa da pandora. estes livros eram uma bomba...:) sam


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